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Our Approach

We strive to offer the best aquarium and pond service. Our specialty and love is maintain living environments like :Reef aquariums, planted tanks, and Koi ponds. We go the extra step to make your project a show piece.

Our Story

At the age of 7 I had a gold fish tank,.. From there on I always had some kind of aquarium and a strong interest. Saltwater Solutions was born in 2003 sparked with the love for saltwater aquariums. As the business grew so did the skill for keeping and growing live coral. Now we maintain a large number of  aquarium & pond service clients and a coral grow with over 300 species of coral for by appointment shoppers and online sales @ www.coralcollectors.com

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We offer free evaluations for your aquarium or pond in our 30 mile radius of Westlake Village Ca.

Come visit the coral grow! over 1000 frags for sale at all times + saltwater fish @ great deals + saltwater supplies & fish food

Text or call Jason @ - 805-218-1799

or email me @ -  jasonofsaltwatersolutions@gmail.com