Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We're happy to answer any questions so don't hesitate to call. 805-218-1799

How do I come see the coral grow?

Text or call Jason @805-218-1799 to set up a appointment to visit the coral grow in Westlake Village 91361.

How much is an average aquarium or pond service?

We charge $85 per hour. Our average service lasts one hour. We prioritize the most important tasks to make your aquarium or pond its healthiest! Supplies are additional and varies on each project. Products and supplies are at competitive prices.

How do I determine how much service my aquarium or pond needs?

Upon our free evaluation we can discuss the fish load & filtration and find a happy service frequency for your needs.

General Service Frequency Recommendation for Excellence:

*Freshwater Aquariums & Ponds- Every 2-4 weeks

*Saltwater Aquariums - Every 1-3 weeks

*Reef Aquarium- Every 1-2 weeks